If you’re considering doing your own plumbing project, it’s a dirty job! Why not get someone else to do it? A few Harlow plumbers have shared hair raising experiences about coming in to fix a botched job after someone has tried to do their own plumbing project. Unless you know what you’re doing, why risk having to do it and then pay someone to not just do it but fix your mistakes as well? DIY plumbing is not typically recommended for jobs you’re not familiar with. Home Extensions | Sebastian Church Builders

A day in the life of Harlow plumbers can consist of many different types of jobs. Above and beyond dealing with leaks, toilet and tub replacements, and clogged drains, there are others areas that may be covered as well. They may do a bit of boiler servicing, deal with water softeners, under floor heating, tiling, hot water heaters, and more. It’s a field that has expanded substantially, especially in the last few decades. It requires expertise.

A lot can go wrong when doing DIY plumbing. Many plumbers spend a good chunk of time fixing what others have done wrong. Most people won’t dare to do their own electrical work because of the fear of getting shocked but some don’t realise that excessive water can cause significant damage and expense as well.

There are courses and workshops to help people do minor things but for anything advanced, it’s a better idea to leave it to the experts. Investing in professional Harlow plumbers services isn’t always just an expense. You can consider it an investment in your home, particularly if you’re doing a major design change or upgrade. DIY is popular but it’s not always the way to go and could cost you more money due to errors rather than bringing in a pro. If you are set on painting, refinishing stairs, and other popular DIY activities that’s great. You’ll save money and feel a sense of accomplishment at the work you’ve done and most of the typical DIY tasks aren’t dangerous if you make an error. But when it comes to trades like plumbing and electrical, you’re best off leaving things to the pros for safety and quality reasons.

Beware of Cheap Plumbing

Some people are a little taken aback when they get a quote from a plumber. Plumbing fixtures are expensive enough but then there’s the labour involved and all, too. Do go ahead and get more than one quote but beware of substantial price differences and if one quote is substantially lower than the others, consider it suspect. Harlow plumbers need to be educated and are paid for their expertise so pricing is often close across different plumbers and plumbing companies. You want to pay for quality workmanship as well. Your plumber should be insured, have great references, and put you at ease when you deal with them. Choose carefully and you’ll typically be very satisfied with the results.

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